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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this tuesday, december 15th. >> search is on for the driver who slammed into a philadelphia police officer and then took off. >> police are looking for a gunman after a girl is hit by a stray bullet while walking home from school. >> nine presidential candidates are preparing to do battle in the last republican debate of 2015. >> good morning. let's find out what you can expect in your accuweather and traffic and go over to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> we had thick fog across the region yesterday. they're gone.
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there are a couple lingering sprinkles and showers down at the shore. this is all pushing toward the east. it shouldn't abfactor too much longer but some of some of you might still have a little bit of a sprinkle this morning. there's the main rain that came through last night and shorted out my christmas lights. we're looking at that getting through and even throw it's kind of cloudy we're expecting the return of some sunshine. that's kind of an annual game i play with the precipitation every christmas. 62 wilmington, 61 trenton, 59 degrees in allentown. we set a record high yesterday in the 70's. we've actually already set record high in philadelphia for this day. it happened back before 3 a.m. and now the temperatures have dropped but we were at 69 degrees and that will wind up going into the books for a record high for today. the bus stop doesn't look too bad. a little bit breezy, mild, 57 by 6:00, 59 degrees by noon
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but your high today is only 63 versus yesterday's 71. a lot of us got up into the low 70's yesterday. karen we have cooler air coming in in time for the weekend. details on that coming up. >> records set in record time, we like that. let's look outside. still a little damp out there as we look beyond this tree you can see the flashing lights in wynnefield. this is city avenue past conshohocken avenue. construction had been blocking both northbound lanes. looks like we're seeing some crews out there right now but we still have the cones set up at this point so northbound traffic getting by in the turn lane and watch for that one this morning. switching our camera view to the vine street expressway, i'm still not seeing any traffic. this is westbound, this is eastbound. we see the crews out there on the scene closing it in both directions. usually reopens by 5:00 a.m. as we look at the big picture a couple of other issues in port richmond. richmond street remains closed near lehigh and that's until three he clock due to construction there so watch for in one as you're headed o it. otherwise so far so good matt and tam. >> thank you karen. a philadelphia police officer is in the hospital
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this morning, he was struck by a hit and run driver in point breeze. katherine scott has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, the 26-year-old officer is from here at the 17th district. he remains at the hospital in stable condition. as for that suspect, police are still searching for him. they say that they know who he is. they just haven't brought him into custody yet. let's go to video. you can see the shattered windshield of the suspect's volkswagen and police say that gives you an indication of just how hard the officer was hit. police say the officer was hit with such force he was thrown and landed on a parked car smashing a hole in that windshield. investigators say this happened just after 6:30 last night on the 2700 block of sears in point breeze. seventeenth district police had responded to the report of a man with a gun. when the suspect jumped into a vehicle and tried to flee by going the wrong way on a
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one-way street. that's when he struck the officer who suffered a severe head injury, a broken leg and a shattered kneecap. the suspect later abandoned the car at 22nd and ellsworth with passengers inside. >> when he fled on foot in his desperation to get away he left his two passengers in the vehicle an 18-year-old female and an 11-year-old boy who were in the car. >> reporter: once again police say they know who this suspect is but he hasn't been arrested yet. we're live in point breeze, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you katherine. debts are still looking for the gun moon shot an 11-year-old girl who was walking home from school. it happened in the city's hunting park section yesterday afternoon. police say she was walking along the 700 block of west luzerne street when a stray bullet hit her in the foot. witnesses say the gunman was wearing black skull cap with a black shirt with a brown dragon print on the front. the girl is recovering at saint christopher's hospital for children. police in cape may county trying to identify a body
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found along a roadway plus what led to the person's death. the discovery was made along the 100 block of vermont avenue in the rio grande section of middle township. the bod was found at 1:30 yesterday afternoon. police have not yet given details about the gender or age of the person. >> a bucks county community is mourning the death of a quarterback and team captain of the central bucks west freshman football team. 14-year-old steven kim was killed saturday night while skateboarding in doylestown. he was hit by a car that couldn't stop in time. kim's distraught sister addressed the crowd at a vigil yesterday. >> he was a great person. possibly the best person i've ever met in my entire life and i hope as i live now i can be more like he was. he was the best of all of us. >> before the vigil members of the team marched around the field with kim's family. they say the teen had a promising future as a player and as a leader. >> authorities hope the
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surveillance foal toes you'll about to see will help them catch a bandaged bank bandit. they show the man with a wrapped up hand and a 76ers cap. police say he held up a citizens bank branch bank. he handed the teller a note grabbed cash and ran away. police consider him armed and dangerous. a reward is being offered leading to his arrest. >> 34 muslim nations will form an alliance. as well the white house feels this week that the time for president obama to review his strategies for defeating isis. u.s. officials have insisted there are no specific credible threats against the u.s. however that was the same assessment before san bernadino as well so president obama has launched something of a pr offensive to try to assure americans that he's doing everything possible to keep us safe. >> we are hitting isil harder than ever. we're also taking out isil leaders commanders and killers
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one by one. point is isil leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple: you are next. >> the president spoke from the pentagon where he met with his top national security advisers. he'll attend a briefing at the national counter terrorism center later this week. >> nine candidates will be on the main stage tonight for the last republican presen presidenl debate. stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: the stage is set for the last gop debate of 2015. nine can candidates will stand on stage for the most critical event heading into the iowa caucuses. >> i think we're doing great in iowa and i expect to win. >> reporter: at a rallily in las vegas last night trump took aim at some of his main sticking points like mexico and the wall he ends to build. >> i know how to get it and i know how to make them pay for it. folks you're killing us. you're making too much monday.
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the law cost $9 billion. >> reporter: this talk has trump supporters hanging on. brand new numbers showing trump hitting 41 percent, nearly three times as much as his closest rifle but this debate may now be two man race between trump and ted cruz. in iowa the two are on a virtual tie. on the debate stage trump will be flanked by cruz and ben carson. carson calling coverage of him and his campaign dishonest. >> in my case they can't find any scandals. therefore, let's see if we can somehow make this guy look crazy. >> reporter: the six remaining candidates will be florida senator marco rubio, jeb bush, business woman carly fiorina, ohio governor john kasich rand paul and new jersey governor chris christie. while trump predicts he'll be the punching bag at this debate he also says. >> it's going to be good. >> reporter: here's what's also good. donald trump's health.
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after vowing to release his full medical report trump instead offered just a short note from his doctor saying trump's physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc news. >> if you are planning on watching tonight's debate we invite you to take part in a live conversation with "action news." brian taff will host a live chat with voters an political analyst on facebook. join in with your questions and comments at news. >> ♪ >> his health is exceptional. >> that's what the doctor says. >> new york city education officials explain why a second principal banned santa claus. >> see the multi-million dollar plan next. david. >> is that on the roof. >> oh. >> yeah. >> weird. >> the kids are dressing for mild conditions again this morning and staying fairly mild this afternoon, a little breezy, light jacket is probably not a bad idea and we've got some temperature
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changes coming in the accuweather 7-day forecast. that's just ahead. [gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪
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>> and an architect wants to build a ski slope attached an apartment building in kazakhstan.
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the slope would descend 1,000 feet down from the 21 story building. the country's capitol has cold winters but there are no ski slopes around yet. the architect says the project would cost $70 million to build and of course need some snow. >> kazakhstan that's where borat is from. >> borat is a fictional character. >> this sounds like something he would come up with. >> it does. that does not look like a fictional hotel though. storm tracker6 double scan mainly dry this morning. as we take a closer view, honeybrook, coatesville, back towards lancaster a little light sprinkle that might fall apart before it pushes too much farther east but it is moving towards malvern and chadds ford. maybe that's on your windshield later on. that's about it for the rain today, though. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and there's center city looking south along broad street from our temple university camera and clouds out there right now but they are going to break for a good deal of sunshine as we go through the day. temperatures 62 degrees right
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now so still mild. we actually set yet another record high for today's date a couple of hours back when we were at 69 just before 3 a.m. but now we've dropped to 62 and we're going to stay a little bit cooler for the rest of the day. dewpoint at 56. the winds at 8 miles per hour. as we take a look at highs yesterday, now these are where we wound up with highs yesterday all of the yellow numbers with asterisks were new records for yesterday so three days in a row we hit record highs in philadelphia and the same story in a lot of other spots and now today we've technically had yet another record high although it's in our past in the wee hours of the morning but you can see how warm and comfortable it was yesterday. we did get that rain coming through last night. behind that rain we are looking at some cloud cover right now, some light sprinkles aren't showers out to the west but those are falling apart and we expect to return sunshine through the picture as we go through the day. 56 degrees by 8 o'clock, 58 by 11 o'clock. today's high will be 63, not as warm as yesterday but still well above average.
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today's average high down in the mid 40's so 63 at about three he clock this afternoon. breezy conditions out there today as well. high temperatures in the north a little bit cooler. trenton and allentown at 60. 61 reading, 62 in millville and which toes 60 down the shore. tomorrow 57 degrees is your cooler high as that system gets away from us and high pressure to the north delivers a bit of an ocean flow. we should have mostly sunny skies with less wind and then eventually we get even cooler air coming in for the weekend. and you'll see that in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. today's high 63, still mild and breezy out there. sun coming back during the day. sunny and cooler then tomorrow, 57 degrees but still well above average and thursday looks like a cloudy rainy day with periods of rain moving in during the morning and staying with us off and on through the day, a high of 60 there. once that system gets out, though, we start to introduce cooler air into play. a bit cooler on friday with a high of 51 degrees. and then couples the weekend and that's when it's going to be kind of back to reality time. on saturday a high of just 42 degrees, brisk and chilly.
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still chilly on sunday a high of 46. keep in mind these are very close to the average highs for saturday and sunday. but then on monday i talked about this yesterday looks like the numbers start to come back up and we're back up into the 50's so it's a quick dip for the weekend. >> and that's when winter starts monday. >> that's right. >> so it makes sense. >> this year it does the. >> thanks, david. you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker6 radar any time at a pennsylvania appeals court upheld a sentence for the first person convicted under the brad fox law. a delaware county judge had ordered stacy dawson of chester last year to spend six to 12 years in prison. prosecutors say the 24-year-old bought two guns for her boyfriend who is a convicted felon. brad fox a plymouth township officer was shot and killed in the line of duty by a man using a gun bought by someone else. the brad fox law aims to crack down on illegal gun purchases for others. new jersey congressman george norcross says tougher gun laws are needed as a
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matter of national security. he was in cherry hill to discuss how people on terrorist watch lists can still buy guns in america. norcross wants to close that loophole. he compared to it giving a drunk driver keys to a car. >> ♪ >> time now to take a look at business for you. the latest out of ac and the casinos they saw winnings increase just by 1 percent in the month of november. in fact they would have actually been down year to year if it wasn't for a large increase in internet gambling not good news. the faa will begin requiring drones to be registered. it applies to all drones weighing more than 55 pounds. the cost is five dollars. so if you get a drone for this christmas you have to register it before the first flight. if you got one before december 201st you have until february 19th to register. major stock indices were up yesterday. the dow led the way with a gain of 103 points. this morning it's looking like futures are pointing to a higher open. seattle game the first city in the nation to allow ride sharing drivers to
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unionize. the move will have the biggest impact on uber and lyft which operate here in philadelphia. city council members expect a legal challenge over that move. >> 4:48 now. coming up next they say love can make time stand still. a houston man's proposal made traffic stand still. >> and later a texas school is reviewing a homework assignment that one father says looks like a how to for becoming a drug dealer. "action news" continues in just a moment. ok, we're here.
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visit adopt. >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we're starting off with lots of construction. looking live here on the vine street expressway, still closed in both directions. that's westbound, that's eastbound. no traffic moving just yet. we should see it reopen by about 5 o'clock so hopefully another 10 minutes and we're seeing one car go through but i don't think it's entirely opened just yet. a couple cars starting to move. in wynnefield on city avenue this is just past conshohocken of a we still have the traffic cones set up. you can see both of the northbound lanes are blocked. traffic getting by in the turn lane at this point on city avenue with that construction out there causing problems this morning and an early morning accident here in whitemarsh township on stenton avenue right at militia hill road. bells mill road at paper hill road. construction blocks the left lane in bucks county on the
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pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at bensalem so the crews still out there. we had an early morning problem here and it was an accident that just cleared in atlantic city on the tunnel from the a.c. expressway to the atlantic city brigantine connector but traffic moving better now that that accident just cleared. matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. pennsylvania's teaming up with the waze app to share realtime traffic data. penndot will provide info about crashes road conditions and construction zones to the waze app giving drivers a more accurate source of info. in return penndot will use the data reported by app users to improve its own behind the scenes road monitoring. waze says it has more than 417,000 active monthly users in philadelphia. and new this morning, a houston man proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a really busy highway. it was apparently her favorite spot to see the city skyline. friends followed the couple in cars and they stopped across all lanes to block traffic. but the romance was lost on the other drivers who honked their horns and sped by on the shoulder.
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houston police say they did not receive any formal complaint and in hindsight the man admitted this probably wasn't his best idea but you know what, she said yes. >> kind of sill to do that. >> could be dangerous. >> to risk lives, yeah. more information on what a truck driver says what happened to him when he crashed into a tour bus in the pocono mountains over the summer leaving three people dead. the story at 5:00 a.m. >> pennsylvania state police have ruled whether a deadly officer involved shooting at a wal-mart was justified. more on that when "action news" comes back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is tuesday morning, 4:56. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge there. it's 61 degrees right now. isn't that crazy? >> it is. >> it is. it's going to be another warm day in this late era of fall. forecast coming up in a bit. pennsylvania state police have suitland a deadly officer involved shooting at a wal-mart in the poconos as justified. police say 20-year-old andrew joseph todd walked into the east stroudsburg store saturday carrying two handguns and a machete. witnesses told police todd was threatening and pointing one of the weapons at customers. officers shot and killed todd saying he refused to drop his weapons and pointed one at them. no one else in the store was hurt. a texas father claims his sixth grade son's homework looks more like allow to for becoming a drug dealer. scott pick was reviewing his son caden's assignments when
4:57 am
he came across a critical thinking exercise that follows the cocaine trade. it lists steps from the cartel's to the drug labs to how cocaine is smuggled and sold. pick confronted school officials and they told him the study sheet will be reviewed before being considered for future use. >> new this morning, new york city education officials are now denying that santa claus is banned from one public school. parents say the principal at p s1 69 in sunset park brooklyn banned santa claus and other christmas in the interest of diversion. >> he's a jolly old guy who brings presents to all children. >> the department of education released a statement saying the school originally misinterpreted the guidance for holiday displays that santa claus could not be used. the school has sent new guidance to the staff and the principal apologized for any confusion in an e-mail explaining that santa is a secular figure and therefore
4:58 am
sallowed. >> 4:57. still al head on "action news" disgruntled customer. two women in berks county are in trouble for two separate intense and violent encounters at a retail store. >> the first lady reveals what's on the president's christmas list. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hey everyone, 5 o'clock on this tuesday december 15th and here's what's happening. >> a violent hit and run crash landed a philadelphia police officer in the hospital and now a manhunt is under way for the person behind the wheel. >> and police say two women attempted to turn a berks county wal-mart into a boxing ring. brand new details coming up. >> and after a 10-year hiatus star wars is back and the reaction so far two thumbs up. so far no spoilers. hopefully there will be none. the late of the from last night's world premiere. >> you better not deliver any because you know what happens to those people, right? let's go to weather and traffic. david and karen. >> i have a spoiler for you. it happens in space.


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